Oxyhydrogen Flame polisher uses electrolyte fluid to generate gas which fuels a flame at the end
of a fine nozzle. When the flame comes into contact with a rough thermoplastic surface,
it fuses the surface faces together, producing a bright polished edge. Can be use for jewellery alteration.

Model FP-103B FP-103A FP-101 FP-202 FP-202A
Electrical AC220V 50/60Hz
Power 400W 500W 800W 1000W 1300W
Dimension 35x20x28cm 44x23x28cm 44x23x33cm
Gas Output 80L/hr 100L/hr 200L/hr 250L/hr 350L/hr
Weight 16kg 18kg 29kg 33kg 35kg

12 Inch Shear for Plastic, Aluminium, Brass & Steel

Square, burr free cuts are assured by the guillotine design.
Standard tool steel blades and adjustable stopper.



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