10w, 20w, and 40w models available, Achieve 0.1mm character height with TEM00 beam mode.
Auto Power Compensation for consistent output power over long period.
G-Mark Library software features password protection, auto text, 1D and 2D barcode types
Ideal solution for ABS, PC, rubber and metal marking.
(10,000 mm / second).

Co2 -powered laser available in 12W / 30W configurations.
Non-stop, continuous laser marking of parts on a moving production line.
G-Mark Advance supports a multitude of marking options.
Work area range from 10x10mm up to 300x 300mm accommodates small to large parts.
High-Speed marking up to 300 characters / second
(10,000 mm / second).

Spacious 29" x 18" (740 mm x 460 mm) working area
DC servo control for precise and rapid movement
Superior engraving quality
DPSS laser technology for metal and plastic engraving
User-friendly features
Auto power compensation

23" x 15" (600 x 400 mm) large working area
A laser marker with integrated system of Galvo scan head and XY linear rails
Featuring selections of CO2 or 1064 nm laser sources with different wattages
CCD digital positioning through G-Mark Software
Steel frame provides solid structure and ensures marking accuracy
G-Mark Software with auto-generated S/N function, graphic tiling,1D, 2D, text, and logo marking
Can be stand-alone or integrated into conveyor and production

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