The most compact laser engraver.
11.8 iní┴8.3in.(300mmí┴210mm)work area.
Standard Auto Focus gauge for precise focal length and delicate laser output.
Air ventilation design delicate for stamp making industry.
Window-based driver interface for easy operation.
Standard functions as large laser systems .

Spacious 18" X12" (458mm X309mm) working area.
DC servo control for accurate and rapid movement.
TrueImage innovation produces exceptional engraving quality .
30W cuts through 10 mm thick acrylic in a single pass.
Intuitive Drag-N-Engrave feature.
Prestored parameters setting database by material.
Compatible with wireless data transmission via wireless network.

Popular entry-level laser engraver with stable and satisfactory laser output 25 in. X 18 in. (635 mm X 460 mm) work area Flexible multiple job selection.

Low maintenance motion system Wide range laser source selection from 12W to 100W Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate extremely long working pieces.

Extendable to 29 in. X 18 in. (740 mm X 460 mm) work area.
Patented SmartACT innovation to reduce ramping and increase productivity.
Plug-and-play standard USB port for rapid data transmission.
DC servo motor for precise movement of laser carriage.
SmartLight light module to illuminate the workspace.
SmartLid top lid device for easier access from both ends.
SmartBox cutting accessory for flexible cutting jobs.

38 X 24 in. (960 X 610 mm) Extendable work area free from working piece limitations Patented SmartACT motion control technology increases your productivity by reducing ramping process and cycle times DC servo motor for precise rapid movement of the laser carriage.
Excellent cutting performance, the 25Watt laser cuts 10 mm thick acrylic Plug-and-play standard USB port for rapid data transmission.
SmartMEMORY saves you effort by allowing you to do repetitive work. easily SmartLIGHT illuminates your work space and shows up every engraving detail in great clarity.

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